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15.06.2018, 06:40

Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

Browns: Pro Bowler Joe Thomas got the night off. He was replaced at left tackle by Cam Erving, who is battling Shon Coleman for the starting job on the right side. Erving, who failed miserably at center, was called for a false start and hold on consecutive plays to end Cleveland's first offensive possession.
The Saints lost their 10th straight preseason game.
Browns: Starting S Ibraheim Campbell sustained a concussion on the second play [url=http://www.cheapnfljerseyschinaline.us.com/]Cheap Jerseys From China[/url] from scrimmage.
Saints: QB Ryan Nassib was checked for a head injury in the fourth quarter, but came back for the final drive.
Finally, the beleaguered Browns may have something.
Saints: With Mark Ingram also out, RB Alvin Kamara started. The third-round pick from Tennessee ripped off a 22-yard run and had 35 yards on four carries.
"It's way too early," he said.
Osweiler started and struggled during his four series,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Cody Kessler didn't do much to help his cause and Kizer shook off a slow start, played the entire second half and showed off his strong arm.
Saints: Brees warmed up but spent the evening on the sideline wearing a baseball cap. He's expected to play at some point in the preseason as is Peterson, who stayed close to his QB during the first half. Rookie CB Marshon Lattimore, a first-round pick from Ohio State, injured his knee during practice this week and didn't play.
Garrett showed flashes of dominance in his first preseason game, and Cleveland rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer threw a late touchdown pass and the Browns rallied to beat New Orleans 20-14 on Thursday night while Saints stars Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson watched.
"I played my game," Garrett said. "I got to where I wanted to go, hustled hard and made the plays I'm supposed to make."
With his performance, Kizer may have closed the gap on Brock Osweiler and Cody Kessler. The trio have been competing throughout training camp, but Jackson isn't ready to make one of them his starter.
"There are a handful of things penalty-wise, kind of sloppy. There are some plays at the end that were foolish, some substitutions that were troubling."
As expected, Brees didn't play and neither did Peterson, New Orleans' new addition who signed with the club [url=http://www.wholesalenflchinajerseyscheap.us.com/]Cheap Football Jerseys China[/url] as a free agent in April after 10 seasons in Minnesota.
"I'm sure we're going to have a lot of things to correct in that film," said Payton, who not address any injuries.
Saints WR Tommylee Lewis made a diving catch for 32 yards and had 10 for 128 yards. Lewis is battling for a backup job.
Kizer finished 11 of 18 for 184 yards and had two long throws

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